Imagine having a walk way that you never had to shovel ever again or that you never had to apply chemicals to melt the snow and ice away. In winter months after being away on a winter vacation, you come home right after a snow storm. In most situations you would have to shovel your walkway. With a walkway heater it looks like you were never gone.


No more slip and fall accidents because of ice accumulation

Lower insurance premiums

No more purchasing and applying chemicals

No more harm to pets

No more damage to flooring

No more getting up an hour early in the mornings before work to shovel your way out

No more shoveling after getting home from vacation. As a side note when I once was on vacation it snowed twice that week. In the same period my neighbor was also away on vacation. During this time his home was broken into and mine was not. I cannot help but wonder if having my walkway neat and clean after a snow storm gave the appearance as if the home was occupied as if we never left.


Navigating a slippery, ice-covered walkway or stairway is dangerous for family, friends, and visitors.  You've devoted so much time to making your home a welcoming and comfortable destination for friends and family - why not extend that same reception to the exterior of your home with outdoor walkway heating?  You'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are providing safe passageway.


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